Can I get cash for a Fire-Damaged Home?

Needless to say, a fire-damaged house is bad news for the homeowner. Imagine the scenario: after the disaster, the fire has been put out and you inspect the damage – and it doesn’t look good.

Fire damaged property has structural damage, which can easily be seen upon inspection. Depending on the extent of the damage, you can often end up spending several thousand dollars for a decent restoration. That’s a fair amount if your insurance company will cover that. If they don’t? Well, that’s unfortunate. But don’t fret – you still have another option.

Can I sell it?

This is, perhaps, the first question that comes to mind. Can you get back some cash from a fire damaged property? In short – yes. We at NR Home Buyers can help.

How can you sell a fire damaged house? The fastest and easiest would be to contact us – we buy houses fast in Dallas-Fort Worth without any questions asked. That means no commission, charges or fees. This is a much easier option than trying to find a realtor who will put up cash to buy the property. If you go through us, we can cut down both the waiting time and the hassle. We also buy your home “as is”, meaning you don’t need to do any repairs!

What is the market like for fire damaged homes?

Buying a fire-damaged home is an attractive investment for real estate investors like ourselves.

Investors looking for fire damaged homes are particularly attracted to fixer-uppers because they take care of the repairs and sell – often called a “flip and fix” investment. They will spend money to fix the home and then sell it for a higher amount later. When they sell can be dependent on the current market value. This takes most of the hassle completely off your hands.

Of course, fire damage isn’t the be-all and end-all for your home. You can still get sell it for cash or restore it and make it yours again. It’s your choice. The former choice can be a lot less of a headache for you, so if you’re interested in exploring that option, that’s where we come in.

Why not contact NR Home Buyers now at 214-225-9022 to see what kind of all-cash offer we can provide for your fire-damaged home? You might be surprised.