We Buy Houses with Lease Options in Dallas-Fort Worth

Do you feel like you’re unable to sell your property because of restrictive Lease Options? NR Home Buyers could help.

We buy properties in Dallas-Fort Worth from people just like you who may be facing issues with their Lease Options.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

1. You’re upside down in your mortgage
2. Your house is sitting on the market month after month and you can’t seem to sell
3. You don’t qualify for a traditional bank loan to purchase the property
4. You’re making double mortgage payments
5. You have a vacant home for sale
6. You’re finding it hard to compete with distressed properties in the market

Whatever the scenario, we can potentially turn your house into 100% cash, and we can
usually provide an all-cash offer within just 24 hours! All you need to do is give us a quick
call on 214-225-9022 or send us a message via our handy little contact form. Let’s see what
we can do for you!