Services we Offer at NR Home Buyers

Do you feel like the situation with your property is so complex that you don’t even know where to start? You may have had a bad experience with an agent and feel like there isn’t even a simple way to get yourself out from under the property that’s stressing you out.

Avoiding foreclosure, going through divorce, inherited properties and houses in probate, relocations, even just a vacant house… There are all kinds of scenarios you could find yourself in, but at NR Home Buyers, we’ve seen it all – believe us.

Are you all upside down in your mortgage? Are you behind on payments? Do you owe liens? Have you downsized, and can’t seem to sell? Does your property need repairs you can’t pay for? Is it fire damaged? Do you have bad rental tenants? Don’t have time to commit to an extra property? No situation is unfamiliar to us!

Have a look at all the services we offer. We hope you will soon be comfortable in the knowledge that NR Home Buyers are well-equipped to provide you with an all-cash offer, with no obligation to you. Take it or leave it! We’ve seen almost every situation. You have nothing to lose by inquiring, and we won’t pressure you.

Typical situations we help people through:
Tax Delinquent
Absentee Landlords
Lease Options

Basically, if you need to sell a property – and fast – we’re your guys.

So why not contact us today on 214-225-9022 to see how we can help?